The Community at Holmes Harbor is organized to:
1) Support a community model of "neighbors helping neighbors",
2) Augment the resources of the Community Emergency Response Team,
3) Assist in the development and maintenance of youth & adult programs,
4) Help establish and maintain community multi-purpose areas/facilities.

     The Community at Holmes Harbor

CHH Board of Directors:
   President   --        Carol Hanna
   Secretary   --       
   Treasurer   --       Rev Barchenger
And Directors:  Nancy Tonkin, Phil Simon
   Judy Simon, Ginny O'Neill, Bob Welch 
    Charlene O'Donnell, Bill O'Donnell, 
            and Linda Russell.

It takes the support of the community to make a success of this all-volunteer organization. Dues are only $15 per individual or $25 per couple per year. Click on the link below to print out the membership form.


See the CHH NEWS page for a list of neighbors helping neighbors; volunteers who are ready to lend a hand in emergency situations. 

Upcoming Association Meetings
  CHH meets on the third Monday of each month. Neighbors are encouraged to attend, and questions and comments are welcome. Beginning at 7 o’clock, we are usually adjourned by 8:30. This is a relaxed group so we invariably enjoy several chuckles while conducting business. 
  January 18th - Smith residence
        4987 Lilac Drive
  February 15th - Simon residence
        4904 Spinnaker Drive
  (No meetings in July or December)

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     In case you haven’t heard, changes will be occurring in the near future that are expected to affect our community in a very positive manner. This news is what Stan Walker was hinting at in October at the Fall Feast, but negotiations had not yet reached a point that allowed any disclosure of details. Here are some that we know of at this time:
     A contract has been signed with a new golf course manager that will go into effect on March 1st! Some of you may remember Paul Lavin who was the golf pro here at Holmes Harbor when Mark Schuster owned it; before course maintenance was abandoned. Paul has been successfully managing a golf course on the mainland and has now entered into a contractual agreement with Holmes Harbor Sewer District. As you might expect, he is very familiar with this course and is enthusiastically looking forward to again being a part of its operation.
     Details about how the operational transition will occur are not known at this time, but we do know that the pro shop will again be located in the old clubhouse. It is also known that the signed contract includes a clause that requires reimbursement to the District for certain maintenance expenses related to necessary upkeep for the proper distribution of treated sewer water. This responsibility will be assumed by the new operator on an incrementally increasing basis over a period of five years. 
      In the meantime, it is important to acknowledge the much appreciated contribution that Craig Moore has made over the many recent months. Without benefit to himself, he has been able to at least keep the golf course in operation, and to maintain it as well as he could. If he hadn’t stepped forward when he did, there would not now be a golf course. Instead Holmes Harbor Golf quite simply would have deteriorated beyond a reasonable point of reclamation. And, altho’ it may not seem that way, Craig’s efforts have lessened the financial burden on us, the ratepayers. Many, many thanks, Craig! 
Check this out!
Aerial tour of the Holmes Harbor community recorded by a neighbor using a DJI Phantom. Click on this link for a short video