The Community at Holmes Harbor is organized specifically for the common good, to benefit the Holmes Harbor community, and to promote and sustain a positive community image. Activities may include, but are not limited to:
• Participating in neighborhood beautification, engendering civic pride
• Raising the awareness of community concerns and potential solutions
• Facilitating assistance to neighbors in times of crisis
• Advocating for the benefit of the community
• Promoting social activities that help strengthen a spirit of goodwill

   Each of the following was essentially met, except that the expansion of the Emergency Response Team is still in the development stage:
• Encourage pride in the appearance of the community. Identify and seize
  opportunities for helping to maintain property values.
• Raise the awareness of community concerns and potential solutions 
  by using the newsletter, e-mail and/or the website.
• Monitor and report on the following:
     Developments regarding the golf course properties,
     Pertinent actions by utility boards of commissioners,
     Activities of any other entities that could impact the Holmes Harbor
• Maintain and expand the Emergency Response Team.
• Advocate for the benefit of the community.
• Organize the annual summer picnic and a community-wide yard sale.

     The Community at Holmes Harbor

CHH Board of Directors:
President   --        Carol Hanna
Vice-president     Bill O'Donnell 
Secretary   --       Judy Simon
Treasurer   --       Rev Barchenger
Charlene O'Donnell, Nancy Tonkin
Ginny O'Neill, Linda Russell and Jerry O'Neill

It takes the support of the community to make a success of this all-volunteer organization. Dues are only $15 per individual or $25 per couple per year. Click on the link below to print out the membership form.


See the NEWS page for a list of neighbors helping neighbors; volunteers who are ready to lend a hand in emergency situations. 

Upcoming Association Meetings

April 21st -  Simon residence at, 
    4904 Spinnaker Drive
May 19th - Hanna residence at,
    5050 Bradshaw Road
June 16th - Russell residence at,
    4987 Lilac Drive

  CHH meets on the third Monday of each month,.Everyone is ecouraged to attend, and questions and comments are welcome. Beginning at 7 o’clock, we are usually adjourned by 8:30. This is a relaxed group so we invariably enjoy several chuckles while conducting business. 
​  (No meetings in July or December.)

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A listing of LOCAL SERVICE PROVIDERS may be found on the CHH NEWS Page. Check it out!
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   The Holmes Harbor Sewer District has been taking steps to ensure that past-due payments for sewer service were made current. A few of those  past-due accounts ran into the thousands! This effort has met with great success in that all but four of the dozen or so delinquent accounts are in the process of being brought up to date. On three of the four, foreclosure will soon be initiated. 
   Patience and conciliation were exhausted, and reaching a cutoff point was necessary in order to avoid raising sewer rates still further. The HHSD commissioners were emphatically in agreement that it wasn't fair to the rest of the ratepayers to have to shoulder the cost for those who were not paying what they owed.