The Community at Holmes Harbor is organized to:
1) Support a community model of "neighbors helping neighbors",
2) Augment the resources of the Community Emergency Response Team,
3) Assist in the development and maintenance of youth & adult programs, and
4) Help establish and maintain community multi-purpose areas/facilities.

     The Community at Holmes Harbor

CHH Board of Directors:
   President   --        Carol Hanna
   Secretary   --       
   Treasurer   --       Rev Barchenger
And Directors:  Nancy Tonkin, Phil Simon
   Judy Simon, Ginny O'Neill, Bod Welch 
    Charlene O'Donnell, Bill O'Donnell, 
            and Linda Russell.

It takes the support of the community to make a success of this all-volunteer organization. Dues are only $15 per individual or $25 per couple per year. Click on the link below to print out the membership form.


See the CHH NEWS page for a list of neighbors helping neighbors; volunteers who are ready to lend a hand in emergency situations. 

Upcoming Association Meetings
  CHH meets on the third Monday of each month. Neighbors are encouraged to attend, and questions and comments are welcome. Beginning at 7 o’clock, we are usually adjourned by 8:30. This is a relaxed group so we invariably enjoy several chuckles while conducting business. 

August 17th        -  Simon residence
              4904 Spinnaker Drive
September 15th  -  Hanna residence
              5050 Bradshaw Road
  (No meetings in July or December)

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A listing of LOCAL SERVICE PROVIDERS may be found on the CHH NEWS Page. Check it out!
Click here to read the July newsletter 


  Thanks to the generous support of the First Annual Holmes Harbor Benefit Golf Tournament, our Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is now able to supplement needed equipment and supplies, and team members are currently engaged in doing some comparative shopping for these items. Of course no one knows how soon the team might be called upon to engage in activities they’ve been trained for, but the fact that they will now be better equipped to perform these tasks is very much appreciated. 
      PLEASE NOTE: in the event of a major earthquake, normal services are not likely to be resumed for an indefinite period. The electric grid in particular could be out for several weeks, here and on the mainland. For this reason alone it will be up to individual families to store food and water and any essential personal items in advance now! CERT does not have, and will not have, any relief packages of food or water. The team is responsible for first aid and rescue help where possible, and for assessing where the areas of greatest need are in order to direct the professionals when they arrive on scene 
   Scientific evidence indicates that a magnitude 8.0 to 9.0 earthquake will occur along the 800-mile long CSZ fault that extends from a point in northern California north past Vancouver Island. Conducting successful life-saving and life-sustaining response operations in the aftermath of a major disaster will hinge on the effective coordination and integration of services at all levels. The Cascadia Subduction Zone (CSZ) earthquake and tsunami recently mentioned in the news will be one of the most complex disaster scenarios that emergency management and public safety officials will face here. 
   To better understand the details, it would help to read this article carefully:
Check this out!
Aerial tour of the Holmes Harbor community recorded by a neighbor using a DJI Phantom. Click on this link for a short video