The Community at Holmes Harbor is organized to:
1) Support a community model of "neighbors helping neighbors",
2) Augment the resources of the Community Emergency Response Team,
3) Assist in the development and maintenance of youth & adult programs,
4) Help establish and maintain community multi-purpose areas/facilities.

     The Community at Holmes Harbor

CHH Board of Directors:
   President   --        Carol Hanna
   Secretary   --       
   Treasurer   --       Rev Barchenger
And Directors:  Nancy Tonkin, Phil Simon
   Judy Simon, Ginny O'Neill, Bob Welch 
    Charlene O'Donnell, Bill O'Donnell, 
            and Linda Russell.

It takes the support of the community to make a success of this all-volunteer organization. Dues are only $15 per individual or $25 per couple per year. Click on the link below to print out the membership form.


See the CHH NEWS page for a list of neighbors helping neighbors; volunteers who are ready to lend a hand in emergency situations. 

Upcoming Association Meetings
  CHH meets on the third Monday of each month. Neighbors are encouraged to attend, and questions and comments are welcome. Beginning at 7 o’clock, we are usually adjourned by 8:30. This is a relaxed group so we invariably enjoy several chuckles while conducting business. 
  January 18th - Smith residence
        4987 Lilac Drive
  February 15th - Simon residence
        4904 Spinnaker Drive
  (No meetings in July or December)

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The deadline for submitting bids for the purchase 
of the golf course was September 9th. 
        No bids were submitted.
     So what happens now? It appears that at least for the foreseeable future everything will continue pretty much the same as it has been ...or will it? Is an acceptable alternative possible? 
     It was understood that when the current golf course operation was well established it would then incorpo-rate responsibility for the infrastructure  …that is, maintenance of the irrigation and drainage systems, as well as mowing the rough. That hasn’t happened. As a result, it became necessary for the sewer district to raise our rates in order to continue to satisfy Department of Ecology standards on optimum uptake of treated water. 
   Surely there’s a reasonable solution to this situation! And the Holmes Harbor Sewer District commissioners are weighing possibilities, looking for a feasible way to establish a viable alternative. 
   News was received of a tentative arrangement to once again house the golf operation at the old clubhouse building. This alone should help improve patronage of the golf course. 
   Meanwhile, additional changes are being consider so more information will hopefully soon be available.

Check this out!
Aerial tour of the Holmes Harbor community recorded by a neighbor using a DJI Phantom. Click on this link for a short video